04 August 2011

Bling! Bling! cookies utk aida (Finger tips TVIQ)

Permintaan Aida untuk dia teruskan puasa sampai habis satu hari! Hasilnya...macam kat bawah nie.. Bling! Bling! tu dia yang bubuh sendiri.. nak try jadik creative la katakan... :)


25g icing sugar
225g soften butter
1/2 tsp vanila esen
260g plain flour
30g corn flour
dried fruits
edible gems
String Candy


  1. Shift icing sugar into a bowl
  2. add soften butter.. mix well until light and fluffy
  3. add vanilla esen
  4. In another bowl, add both flours & mix well
  5. Mix No.3 mixture into No.4, mix together then use your fingers to mix it well (the fun part for aida) in to dough.
  6. Roll out the dough into 1cm thick then cut using cookies cutter to your favaurite shape
  7. Put in oven 180C for 15 to 20 mins
  8. Leave the cookies to cool
  9. Use icing and those edible gems, dried fruits and candy to decorate the cookies- use your own creativities!!

"We'll see you again very soon for more! Finger Tips!" ---> Finger tips, TVIQ