30 September 2013

Mencari Tragicanth Gum merata-rata... tapi yg dptnya CMC. Sama ke? Boleh guna ke?


Hari ni mase kepala masih nenong, dah menapak ke kedai bakeri supplies..Sebenarnya nak buat fondant.. try nak buat swags..cikgu youtube kata kena tambah gum paste nak bagi cepat keras..Bahan dlm gum paste tu la yg guna Tragicanth Gum tu.. 3 kedai pegi.. semua x de .. last kedai jumpa CMC.. dia kata gum fondant.. tapi CMC tu ape? Boleh guna ke? Tak pe la.. beli jea dulu.. nanti balik kena tanya pakcik google lak..

Ni la explanationnya.. di Naturalcookingclub - Yahoo! Group.. kita direct copy paste la yea utk future reference..
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Mbak Deasy ini kebetulan ada bacaan yang saya unduh dari :

Whats the Difference??? Tylose Powder…CMC Powder…Trag Powder….Gum Tex…

Posted by The Sugar Lane on May 12, 2009

I get soo many emails everyday regarding the different “Gums” as they are called available on the market! I know its all quite confusing especially to those who are just getting started in working with Sugarpaste also know as fondant or gum paste.

I will say that when I am referring to sugarpaste I mean fondant or gumpaste, because all its made with is sugar and just a few other ingredients and is a dough like paste that is used to cover cakes, create flowers and my favorite of course which is creating hand sculpted figurines. When I say sugar flowers as I do often times I am really talking about gumpaste flowers.

Now lets talk about all the different “Gums” as they are often called.

First one that we will discuss is Tylose Powder and the one that I always use. Tylose Powder is less expensive than most gums on the market however it can be tough to locate since it is mostly avail. through the internet, you can find it at some of the specialty cake supply stores but not at Micheals or Joanns. Tylose powder is used in some gumpaste recipes but I add it to plain fondat to create a quick version of Gumpaste for  my creating figurines and sugar flowers. Tylose powder is a  fine powder you can work into fondant to make a really quick transition to gumpaste. 
 (Bahan ini untuk membuat fondant menjadi gumpaste lebih cepat. Gumpaste itu lebih keras sifatnya dari fondant dan biasa digunakan untuk membuat bunga2an karena sifatnya tidak mudah robek dan lebih keras/tidak lemas bila dibentuk).

To create a quick gumpaste with fondant just Add 1 -3 tsp of Tylose powder to 1lb of fondant. Dry humidity areas use less Tylose – High humidity areas use more Tylose. Knead it in very well to your fondant. If you are using a pre-made Gum paste you don’t need to add any Gums to your paste because it already has some form of Gums in it. I usually don’t use a pound of fondant at a time when creating my figurines so I use small pinches of tylose powder to my fondant until I get the consisitency I am looking for.

Gum Trag or the long version of the name…... gum tragicanth is another gum additive used in many different recipes to make gumpaste and pastillage. It add strength and stretch to the final product. (untuk membuat fondant menjadi gumpaste atau membuat fondant mejadi lebih keras dan lentur).

 Gum Tex is more readily available to most and is made by wilton. Like gum tragicanth, gum tex is an ingredient to make gum paste pliable, elastic & easy to shape (berguna untuk membuat gumpaste lebih elastik/lentur dan gampang dibentuk)

Gum Arabic - a versatile hydrocolloid that has many applications. A superior emulsifier, widely used in the production of beverage and flavor emulsions and meal replacers. Its low viscosity and adhesive properties, meanwhile, make gum arabic an excellent ingredient for coating cereal, confections, and snack foods. For bakery products, the gum’s binding and emulsification abilities aid in the formulation of icings and frostings as well as baked goods like cakes and muffins. Beyond foods and beverages, gum arabic has been long used in lithographic processes and pharmaceutical products. A natural gum additive that can be used as an edible glue to stick pieces of modeling paste together when mixed with water. This additive can also be added into Royal Icing to give it more strength.Mix 2 tsp. of Gum Arabic with 2 ounces of water to make a gum glue. Gum glue is used to Gumpaste figurines, bows and other objects together (gum arabic agak berbeda penggunaannya dengan yang lain karena biasanya digunakan sebagai perekat/lem).

CMC Powder or sometimes referred to as Super Gum and  CMC Gum, and the technical name Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose Gum, or just Cellulose Gum is frequently used as a thickener and a texture ingredient in many applications throughout the food service industry. Food grade and industrial grade CMC Gum is also known as cellulose gum. It is derived from purified cellulose such as cotton linters. CMC Gum helps products retain moisture. (di sini artinya menjaga kelembaban--mungkin untuk fondant lebih kearah lentur dan tidak lengket dan dalam aplikasinya sering diperlakukan atau dianggap sama dengan tylose atau gum tragacant) . CMC Gum is a man made gum. (gum sintetis)

Hopefully I did not confuse you even more with all this information, I know that many are not sure what each of these are for so I thought I would list each one to give you a basic idea, for future reference.

So drpd ulasan kat atas tadi, Susi Widhiyani kata boleh dianggap sama ngan gum tragacant.. so meh kita masuk dapur.. kita cuba-test-try kay....! :)